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Welcome to Adventure Safety – Keeping you safe, and your cash for fun!

We’ve started this blog with three aims, firstly to provide a central place for to demistify some of the information on the web regarding safety equipment (EPIRBS, PLB, Life jackets, protective clothing, harnesses and more).

Secondly, we pull together some of the best survival stories into our library for great reading – subscribe and get the latest news delivered to you weekly.

Finally, Adventure Safety is working to help our all important clubs – providing a mechanism to raise funds.   You can find all of the details of the Clubs Program on these pages too.

So, welcome, please contribute where you feel you have something to add … we moderate to remove spam only!

Need To Know – AMSA Beacon Registrations

Why register a distress beacon? Registration is free and can result in a more efficient search and rescue effort. As stated, digital 406 MHz distress beacons transmit a unique code that identifies a particular beacon when it is activated. A registered 406 MHz beacon will allow the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's (AMSA) Rescue Coordinat [..]

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Need To Know – Distress Flares

Radio, Flares, Phones and Signals, a video from our friends at Maritime NZ [..]

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Which beacon do I need ... a PLB or an EPIRB? Both EPIRBS and PLB’s operate in similar ways once activated as they are tracking transmitters which aid in the detection and location of boats ( EPIRBS) and people (PLB’S) in extreme distress. They both interface with the world wide service of Cospas – Sarsat, the international satellite syst [..]

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Crew Positions – The Basics

Quite often I find myself explaining crew positions as we are on the way out to our start … this winter season we are going to try something different …  by getting everyone clear on their role as we move around the track. Though this has been drafted for Jem, a Sydney 47CR, the tasks for each position are about the same in most keel bo [..]

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Press Release: Adventure Safety Announces Awards and Prizes for Melbourne 2 Osaka

Adventure Safety.com.au, a leading sponsor of ORCV, has announced two new awards for the Melbourne 2 Osaka Race. Founder of AdventureSafety.com.au, Jeff Dusting said, “There is no question that the Melbourne to Osaka race is one of the world’s great yacht races and a supreme challenge for two handed crews. As Australia’s premier online [..]

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Adventure Safety Test Schedule 2013

We've already started our evaluation program for 2013, and will be publishing the results over the coming week. The proposed schedule for the remainder of the calendar year is outlined in the table below, let us know if you think we've missed something important. [table]Seq,Title,Description,Target Date,Status 1,Para Anchor - Southern Ocean [..]

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PLB and EPIRB Coding and Registration

Many people ask, why do I need to get a locally coded PLB or EPIRB. Here at Adventure Safety, we only sell EPIRBs and PLBs that are coded for registration with AMSA (the Australian Maritime Safety Authority). All EPIRBs and PLBs are allocated a HEXID or unique number that is allocated to each of the regional rescue authorities. When the beacon i [..]

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